Upgrading to Craft Pro

Craft’s Pro edition offers several benefits over the Solo edition, including unlimited user accounts, enhanced content previewing, and more.

It costs $399 (USD) per Craft installation, and a single license can be run across multiple development, staging, and production environments.

To check which edition you’re currently running, look for the edition badge in the control panel footer:

Craft Solo badge

Click the “Upgrade to Craft Pro” link. That will take you to the Plugin StoreUpgrade Craft CMS page, which will list the two editions, and a “Buy now” button under “Pro”.

If Craft detects that it’s running in a development environment, you’ll also have the option to try Craft Pro for free.

Upgrade in app pricing view

Craft Solo, Team, and Pro feature comparison, viewed from the control panel’s plugin store.

Once you’ve upgraded, you will immediately be able to start taking advantage of the Pro-exclusive features.

Applies to Craft CMS 4 and Craft CMS 3.