Trying Craft Client/Pro Before Buying

If you would like to try out Craft Client or Craft Pro before buying, you can do so by running your site from any domain that Craft does not consider to be a public domain (see How do we determine Craft is running on a public domain? for more info).

Common examples of domains that would work include:

  • localhost
  • mysite.yolo

If you are moving an existing site to a new non-public domain from a different local host name, you will need to clear your data caches from the Clear Caches tool on the Settings page before Craft will realize that the host name has changed.

Craft won’t automatically upgrade itself; you will still have to do that manually. Click on the upgrade link in the footer of the Craft Control Panel, and you will find new “Test” buttons beside each of the buy buttons:


Click on a Test button and Craft will immediately swap editions. No credit card info required.

You will then be able to play with your upgraded Craft edition indefinitely, as long as you’re running the site from the same non-public host name.

If you deploy your site before purchasing the upgraded Craft edition, your website will work normally, however Craft will ask you to either downgrade your license or purchase the upgraded license when you access the Control Panel.