Craft 3.1

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It’s here, the anticipated release of Craft 3.1. This game-changing update includes over 100 enhancements that drastically improve collaboration and deployment workflows with Craft.

  • Project Config introduces a new way of keeping your sections, fields, and other project configuration settings all in sync across multiple environments, without sharing database backups.
  • Several Control Panel settings can now be set to environment variables, keeping sensitive information out of your database and your project config file.
  • Most things are soft-deleted now, and can be restored within 30 days.
  • Editing system messages is no longer limited to admins, and can be done from the new System Messages utility.
  • The new allowAdminChanges config setting makes it possible to prevent administrative changes from being made on production.
  • Live Preview now works across multiple domains.

Craft 3.1 also includes a redesigned Plugin Store that shows plugin changelogs, lets you purchase plugins with extended update durations, and supports plugins with multiple editions (like Commerce Lite and Pro).

Sam from Pixel & Tonic will be hosting an Intro to Craft 3.1 webinar Thursday, January 17 at 7:00 am PT and 10:00 am PT. You can sign up here.

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