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Craft 2 and Commerce 1 EOL Dates

We’ve updated our Craft 2 and Commerce 1 End-of-Life Dates guide with new EOL dates for Craft 2 and Commerce 1:

  • For both Craft 2 and Commerce 1, bug fixes will be supported through January 31, 2020.
  • For both Craft 2 and Commerce 1, important security fixes will be supported through January 31, 2021.

That means Craft 2 support is getting extended an extra 9 months, giving developers a little extra time to update their sites to Craft 3 and Commerce 2.

Commerce 2 Gateway Plugins

When Commerce 2 launched last week, our Stripe and PayPal gateway integration plugins were given away for free with an MIT license, but the others – eWay, Mollie, MultiSafepay, Sage Pay, and Worldpay – were each sold for $199 (up from $49 during the Beta). We did that to help offset the higher support costs we face with these integrations.

After speaking with the community and discussing internally, we’ve come to realize that this wasn’t a great strategy, and the plugins and Commerce developers will be better off if they are free with MIT licenses, just like Stripe and PayPal. So as of today we’ve done just that!

If you’ve purchased a license for any of those plugins, we’ll be refunding you for it in the coming days.

A huge thanks to our community for being open and honest with us. We appreciate your feedback!

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