Update on Craft Cloud

Cloud Update

Update: We’ve come to realize that our original plan for Craft Cloud was too rigid to meet the needs of the Craft community at large, with its headless-only and no-plugins limitations.

So we’ve gone back to the drawing board, and now we’re building a service that will cater to all Craft projects, not only a select few.

In September we announced that we are working on a new service called Craft Cloud. The goal was simple: to make it easy to create and manage headless Craft projects, without worrying about servers or DevOps.

We’ve made a lot of progress since then, and we’re ready to start sharing more details.


Craft Cloud is more than just serverless Craft projects. It’s going to be your new one-stop shop for managing all things Craft, replacing id.craftcms.com. Here’s the main features we are building:

Serverless & self-hosted projects. You’ll be able to manage all of your Craft projects on Craft Cloud, whether they’re using our new serverless infrastructure or you’re hosting them yourself. For serverless projects, you’ll be able to manage the billing, user accounts, and permissions. For self-hosted projects, you’ll be able to manage the billing, Craft and plugin licenses, and see whether any updates are available.

Craft & plugin license management. Manage all of your Craft and plugin licenses in one place, individually or via your projects.

Plugin Store plugin management. Plugin developers will be able to manage their Plugin Store plugins and see sales stats.

Organization accounts. Agencies will be able to create organization accounts for centrally managing their projects, licenses, Plugin Store plugins, partner profile, and billing, without needing to share a login.

Client billing. Projects will have the option to set up client billing, so clients can pay the bill without needing to have their own Craft Cloud account.

Cloud Projects Comp

A mockup of the Projects view on Craft Cloud


Craft Cloud accounts will be free—including organizations—just like Craft ID accounts are. Serverless projects will be $20 USD/month per seat, with no practical limits on content volume or API requests.


We are likely going to take a phased approach to the launch, with self-hosted projects, license management, Plugin Store plugin management, organizations, and client billings coming later this year, and serverless projects launching alongside Craft 4 early next year.

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